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Deb and Ozie Baldwin founded MyOptic Media, Inc., following a video they made while documenting their experiences building the home of their dreams.

The concept behind Builders & Buyers came to light when the two took to their motorcycles and began exploring their new surroundings. They discovered the area was full of Builders & Buyers—each with his or her unique stories detailing their home-building journey.

A lot of footage and over 50 luxury homes later, Builders & Buyers is now a weekly half-hour reality show being test marketed on channel 100 on the Comcast Network in Chicago.

Join your Emmy nominated host, Deb Baldwin, as she cruises from one luxury home to another and into the lives of the Builders & Buyers as they work together to create their true dream homes. The show participants not only share their home building experiences but personal challenges and triumphs that strike an inspirational tone.

From the blue prints, move in and beyond, you’ll witness Builders & Buyers transform each house into a home that combines each owner’s distinct elegance and lifestyle. Builders and Buyers highlights not just the brick and mortar of home building but introduces you to real people and shares their real stories that will both entertain and inspire.

MyOptic Media has also introduced a spin-off to the locally popular Builders & Buyers. Greener Ways is a reality series that show cases eco-friendly homes while sharing innovative renewable products and information.

© 2007 Builders & Buyers
© 2007 Builders & Buyers

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