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Roseland Stair Works
77 Muirfield Circle - Wheaton, IL

Remember the last time you were out for a leisurely walk or a Sunday drive and you turned down an inviting street you’d never traveled before? Perhaps you discovered a custom designed home nestled on a picturesque lot. You may have found yourself wondering, who lives there and how’d they get so lucky?

Well, now you can stop wondering. From ground breaking, move-in and beyond, Builders & Buyers gives you a real look at how designer homes are planned, customized, built and actually lived in by their new owners.

Follow along as the show takes you into the world of the general contractor and homeowner and discover through each inspiring story that building the home of your dreams actually has very little to do with luck!
© 2007 Builders & Buyers
© 2007 Builders & Buyers
© 2007 Builders & Buyers